Dani Kinnison is a journalist from the Midwest. She enjoys reporting on music, including interviews, features and concert and album reviews. When she's not doing that, Dani is usually reporting on news happening around her neighborhood or around the world.

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Picture 62 article

A New Mural In The Loop Pays Tribute To Local Music Celebrties

Take a look at the Loop's new mural, freshly painted on the side of Vintage Vinyl. Created by Washington...

Picture 65 article

DJ Deception Wins Red Bull Thre3style Saint Louis -- On to Las Vegas

Last Tuesday, DJ Deception bested seven other local musicians at the Red Bull Thre3style Saint Louis competition at the...

Picture 71 article

Gavin DeGraw And The Five Best Reasons To Cancel A Tour

Earlier this week, Gavin DeGraw was hospitalized after he was attacked during a walk home from his club in New...

Picture 70 article

Introducing Tower Groove Records: A True Musicians' Collective

What started as a joke between band mates has turned into a scene-wide music collective. Tower Groove Records is...

Picture 67 article

'Just Like A Pear': The Madonna Baby Food Recipe

A few weeks ago, we received Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Def Leppard in the mail, along with the recipe...

Picture 73 article

Kids These Days: The Six Least Impressive Music Careers Of Respected Musicians' Children

By now you've probably heard about Pablo Dylan, Bob Dylan's grandson's aspiring rap career, which, if you're like us, probably...

Picture 72 article

Murphy Lee and Kyjuan's Freaky Wine, Available at a Schnucks Near You

Murphy Lee and Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics came out with a new Freaky Muscato brand wine, dubbed "Freaky,"...

Picture 64 article

RFT Showcase Preview: Listen Before You Go

The 2011 RFT Music Showcase is practically here: This Saturday from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Washington Avenue. In...


RFT Showcase Preview: Listen Before You Go (Part Two)

Our continually growing sampler of tracks from 2011 RFT Showcase performers has outgrown its initial installment -- you can...


Swingin' Utters, Theodore, Humdrum: June 23-29 In Show Flyers ...

Even with the instant gratification and knowledge of social media, there is still something about the art of...

Picture 63 article

Ten Biggest Musician Death Conspiracies

There's always been a sense of glamour in the blur of all that is sex, drugs and rock 'n'...

Picture 68 article

The 10 Most WTF Crimes Committed by Musicians

Surely you have heard the charges made against Coheed and Cambria's bassist, Michael Todd, alleging that he robbed a Walgreens...


The Dear Hunter, Blitzen Trapper, Magic City: July 21-27 in Show Flyers

Even with the instant gratification and knowledge of social media, there is still something about the art of the...

Picture 66 article

The Seven Deadliest Music Festivals

It has been a particularly grim summer already in music festival fatalities, with one death over the weekend at...

Picture 69 article

U2 Stage Preparations Underway

Preparations for U2's concert this weekend began last Sunday, as production and work crews continue to make way for...